Russell Rice, MFT


Mr. Rice is the Founder and CEO of River Stones. He started River Stones in 2000 out of his passion to help teens and families get through the often tumultuous period of adolescence. Russell has been working with challenging youth for over 25 years and is still as passionate and curious as ever in innovating new interventions and programs to help youth with mental health issues using the latest research.

Russell has trained and inspired over a thousand therapists and child counselors in the U.S. and China in the field of adolescent treatment. He is an international speaker, trainer and consultant applying principles from various disciplines including positive psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, child development, behavioral economics and management science, inspiring individuals and organizations to operate in the upper echelon of their potential.

Russell is on the board of California Alliance of Children and Family Services and serves as the Chair of the Residential Treatment Committee. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the Residential Treatment of Children and Youth professional journal.

Russell is an avid reader on anything to do with the human mind, ethics, morality and decision making. He enjoys fitness, racquetball, cycling, skiing and spending time with his wife and two boys.

Dr. Ariana Martinez

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr. Ariana Martinez attended medical school at Loma Linda University and specializes in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Prior to her medical school, she worked in various capacities with adolescents, including martial arts instruction and coaching soccer along with regular involvement mentoring outside of athletics. Dr. Martinez has particular interest in lifestyle interventions and their integration into psychiatric care. She is working on her Spanish proficiency and enjoys biking, gardening, and spending time with family.

Dr. Tom Wickham, Ph.D.

Lead Psychologist

Dr. Wickham got his Ph.D. is Psychology in 1977. Since then he has focused on treating children and families for the past 40 years in his private practice and at River Stones, where he has worked since its inception in 2000. He remains professionally passionate about two main things: the work that therapists do with themselves and understanding human nature and the developmental process.

“Doc” has a special way with kids, being totally present, available and able to relate to them in unique ways despite the age difference. He is particularly good with kids who historically don’t like therapy, but somehow look forward to being in his presence and doing their work.

Dr. Wickham has great interest in and has practiced bioenergetics, which emphasizes the relationship between the body and the mind, and the ways in which our identity is expressed in our physical bodies. He currently leads intensive therapeutic weekends with therapists who are interested in continuing to do their inner work.

Dr. Wickham is also an avid and competitive racquetball player. When he is not working or playing racquetball, he enjoys reading, watching football and spending time with his wife, two daughters and three grandchildren.

Jessica Borelli, Ph.D.

Research & Integration

Jessie Borelli is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a tenured professor at University California Irvine specializing in the treatment of children and families. Dr. Borelli received her bachelor’s in Psychology from UC Berkeley and her doctorate in Psychology from Yale University, where her work focused on the links between parent-child attachment relationships and children’s mental health. She has published over 100 scientific articles, most of which report the results of her studies of parenting, child development, and children’s mental health. Dr. Borelli has been a licensed and practicing psychologist for the past 10 years. She is the clinical director of Compass Therapy Clinical Services in Newport Beach. Dr. Borelli is proud to serve on the River Stones Board of Directors and directs research projects and the integration of field research into River Stones treatment practices.

Judy Canales, LCSW

Intake Coordinator/Clinical Program Manager

Judy Canales holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Loma Linda University and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology from the California State University, Los Angeles.

Prior to joining River Stones, Judy spent seven years as a case manager, rehabilitation specialist and community mental health trainer. Judy has been working with adolescents in outpatient and hospital settings with substance use and mental health diagnoses for the last 12 yrs. In her work experience, Judy utilizes a variety of evidenced based practices, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Motivational Interviewing to aid teens in achieving their goals. She also has extensive experience in the treatment of adolescents with severe mental health disorders. In her work at River Stones, Judy is passionate about doing whatever it takes to see kids grow into themselves and helping families heal.

Lenier Lee

Human Resources/Program Manager

Lenier is a mental health professional who has worked with challenging children for over 25 years in various roles in this field. He has worked with various populations of young people ranging from five to 18 years old. Lenier has experience managing caseloads of youth in treatment, working closely with clinical teams. He has been trained in The Nurtured Heart Approach, Love and Logic and is a certified trainer in Pro-Act crisis management. Lenier is highly skilled in various types of de-escalation techniques and crisis management. Lenier takes pride in providing a warm, safe, and supportive environment in which children can explore their issues and the challenges they face. He strongly believes in the power of the therapeutic partnership to help uncover the strengths and resources we all possess in order to bring about the changes we desire in our lives. He believes it is a privilege and honor to be able to offer assistance to others on their journey to a healthy emotional wellbeing.

As a master trainer, Lenier has trained hundreds of mental health professionals, counselors, therapists and parents throughout Southern California on how to find innovative ways of reaching troubled youth, providing tools to help aid children on the road to healing, recovery and growth. His commitment to the emotional wellbeing of the children in his care shows his dedication, empathy and compassion for each child who needs help.

Lenier believes that there isn’t a child that can’t find peace, purpose and happiness. All we have to do is find their love language to guide them to a fruitful life.

Jessica Spoelstra, LCSW


Jessica Spoelstra is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Loma Linda University and a Bachelors degree in Human Services and education from the California State University, Fullerton.

Prior to joining the River Stones team, she worked with adults with mild to profound Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities as well as mental health diagnoses. She also worked for a brief time with children and adolescents with mental health diagnoses in an outpatient setting. In her work, Jessica utilizes a variety of evidenced based practices, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness. She also has experience in the assessment and treatment of adolescents and adults with mental health disorders. In her work at River Stones, Jessica is passionate about strength-based approaches to empower adolescents to achieve their goals.

Cheryl Goldberg, LCSW


Cheryl Goldberg, LCSW has 30+ years’ experience as a child/adolescent therapist, clinical supervisor, therapist trainer, administrator and parent educator. Cheryl specializes in complex cases, treatment of trauma and sensory processing. She also has significant experience working with children on the Autism spectrum and with their families. Cheryl is a lifelong learner and continues to receive specialized training on current research in the area of treating kids and families. She is excited, passionate and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of River Stones an amazing team.
“Relationships are the agents of change, and the most powerful therapy is human love.” – Dr. Bruce Perry

Luis Macias, M.A


Luis Macias, M.A, received two Master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Social Work from Loma Linda University and his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Science from Providence where he also played college soccer all four years. Luis has a passion for creatively working with kids and helping them find their path forward using a variety of therapeutic approaches. He also enjoys soccer, music and traveling.

Alejandra DeLeon, MSW


Alejandra holds two Master’s degrees in Social Work and Gerontology from Loma Linda University, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Gerontology from California State University, San Bernardino. With a passion for understanding the complexities of human behavior, Alejandra works with young adolescents and their families.Alejandra enjoys guiding adolescents through their journey of self-discovery and mental health challenges. She finds fulfillment in helping them identify their strengths and interests. Alejandra values building meaningful connections with her clients and believes in the transformative power of human connection. Alejandra finds solace in nature and enjoys immersing herself in the beauty of the outdoors. She sees each individual as a work of art, valuing the opportunity to learn about their experiences and perspectives.

Jordan Ankenman, LMFT


Jordan Ankenman, LMFT, earned two Master’s degrees in Counseling Ministry and Counseling Psychology from California Baptist University. He is the director of Emmaus Counseling, a community mental health center in Redlands, CA, and serves as Deacon of Care and Counseling within his community of faith. Jordan specializes in the integration of psychology and theology and is experienced in working with multi-generational family systems. His curious nature has led him to become a jack-all-trades, in pursuit of mastering one. He has held a plethora of jobs in a variety of fields, one of which was a former River Stones staff member working directly with the clients in residential treatment. This gives him a unique perspective to the daily experience of the client within residential treatment and aides him in quickly building rapport. Jordan is committed to continuing his own work towards living as a whole-hearted human being and takes great joy in working with clients and their families to help them on their journey of becoming healthy individuals and more lovingly connected families.

Lola Mullings

Office Manager

Lola has been the administrative “hub” for River Stones for the past 14+ years. She has over 35 years’ experience in IT, office administration and medical billing. Lola’s unique job is to keep everyone at River Stones organized and make sure the River Stones “machine” is well oiled. Lola prides herself in being detail oriented and particularly loves that she can use her skills and experience to indirectly help kids and families get better.

Lee Burton

Executive Chef

Lee Burton is CEO of Chef Lee Presents, LLC, based in Redlands, California. Chef Lee has provided educational services, private chef services and consulting services to clients throughout southern California. His services have included health care providers, schools, municipalities, county and federally funded agencies, non-profits, corporate entities and also for a number of private clients from the local area. Chef Lee is a passionate educator for people of all ages, but particularly with youth, using food and the cooking process to help gain an appreciation for using fresh local ingredients to prepare healthy eating options while also helping them gain a rich understanding of themselves along the way. Chef Lee is excited to join River Stones and to augment the treatment process with good healthy food, education and using cooking as a conduit to help kids and families heal.

Cindy Grayson

Instructor of Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

Cindy is dedicated to sharing health and wellness by practicing and teaching yoga. She encourages others to seek out happiness, love and compassion in their own lives by the example of persistently practicing peace in her own daily life. Her down to Earth approach, along with the humor she brings to each class, makes yoga accessible and inviting. Cindy’s authentic, passionate teaching style inspires her students to tap into the strength of their own authentic selves. In her sassy and fun-loving way, she teaches yoga as a practical process to achieve wellness in body, mind and soul.