River Stones accepts a variety of insurances and private pay. Most insurance policies have mental health treatment, which usually includes coverage for residential treatment depending on your plan. We will do the research for you. Call us and we will verify your coverage and benefits. (855)748-3467

Sometimes insurance does not cover the full cost of treatment to meet the needs of your child. In this case, you may need to contribute in order for your child to get the full treatment he needs. In these cases you may need to make an investment in your child’s mental health; an investment that has the potential to give you a return that is priceless: stabilizing your child and seeing them well adjusted and enjoying life again. We understand treatment can be quite costly, but what other investment has that kind of return? It is worth asking: What is happiness worth? What would you be willing to pay to see you child suffer less, be happy and lead a more successful life?

Since insurance can be confusing, we are providing some basic terminology below that may help you understand better and we are always available to explain it further.

Deductible – The cost you have to cover for your health care insurance annually before your insurance kicks in and takes responsibility of any further payment. So, if you have $1,000 deductible, you will be required to pay that amount before your insurance will cover everything else besides copays and coinsurance.

Coinsurance – The percentage of the cost of a health care treatment or service that you are required to pay after the deductible has been covered. So, if your coinsurance is 10% and your doctor’s visit costs $1,000, you will need to pay $100. Not all plans have coinsurance

Copayment – The set cost you have to pay for a covered health care exam, whether surgery, an ER visit, or simply a check-up. The copay may be due prior to or post-deductible payment, contingent upon your specific health insurance coverage plan. Not all policies require a copayment.

Out-of-Pocket Maximum – The highest amount of money you will have to pay annually for covered services. Once you hit this maximum via deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, your health care provider plan will cover 100% of any further medical services for the rest of the year.

Again, call us and we will help you sort out all of this according to your particular plan.

If you currently don’t have the means to pay for the entire cost of treatment, we have partnered with a mental health financing company, should you need. Contact us and we will provide that information

River Stones is in-network with

Anthem/Blue Cross
Tri Care

We also accept ILWU/PMA and most other insurances out of network.