At River Stones, we have a growth mindset, which means we like feedback in order to grow and make sure our program is working. At discharge each client and parent fills out an evaluation of River Stones. In the spirit of transparency, here are the responses of over 100 parents and clients over the past two years, where they were asked to rate on a scale of 1-5.





Below are some of the comments taken from the parent’s evaluations.

Mother 16 year old

“After a few weeks at River Stones, we felt as if we had our kid back! His anger was mostly replaced with vulnerability and a new vocabulary to talk about how he feels”

Mother 12 year old

“The transition and level of growth I see in my son is far more than I prayed for”

15 year old boy, 2024

“The staff were really friendly and they helped me enjoy my time here. It was like a summer camp for mental health”

Parent of 14 year old boy, 2024

“As a family we are grateful, and it really helped connect us.”

Parent, 2024

“As a parent, River Stones was an amazing experience for our son and the perfect ‘home away from home’ to get the help our family needed. Every child, including those not troubled, could benefit from the River Stones experience!”

Mother, 2024

“This program saved my son’s life and restored our family. We now have hope for the future when all hope was lost”

Mother, 2024

“I saw my son becoming his old self and I’m so happy to have the old version of him back”

Mother, 2024

“Thank you for the dedication towards our son. River Stones has amazing staff and facility”

Father, 2024

“Compassion, structured and a life changer for our son”

Parent, 2023

“River Stones held a very pivotal role in the growth and maturity for our son”

Parent, 2023

“This is not a “magic solution” to “fix” your son. If the adults in your child’s life are committed to overcome your son’s challenges, then get them to River Stones for full immersion treatment. The staff is as committed to your child’s health and health of the family. Put in the work and you’ll be surprised with the results experienced.”

Parent, 2023

“When you feel like there’s no hope, River Stones brings everything back to light”

Parent, 2023

“River Stones has brought our family back together. I would definitely recommend River Stones for anyone needing help with their son.”

Parent, 2023

“The therapeutic environment at River Stones helped my son look inward at himself and his choices to want to do the introspective work to make change. We could not be more thankful”

Parent, 2023

“River Stones was the only facility that went above and beyond to help our son.”

Parent, 2023

“River Stones changed our lives and reunited our family.”

Parents, 2023

“We came here with little hope and we finally have hope! Thank you for giving that to us.”

15 year old teen, 2023

“River Stones has made my ridged edges smooth like a river stone. This program was the best I’ve been to. Thank you River Stones! All my best.”

14 year old, 2023

“At first I was unsure about treatment. Now I am grateful for my time here because it has helped shape me into a positive, mature and responsible person.”

Parent, 2023

“River Stones has a beautiful and inviting facility, but by far the best thing about River Stones is the clinical team and support staff. We are forever grateful.”

Parent, 2023

“River Stones are experts in their field and know how to reach their patients on a level parents sometime struggle with, yet they help bridge that gap as well.”

Parent, 2023

“Wonderful and professional staff all-around. Ideal environment to support our son’s needs: challenging but therapeutic with home-like feel and security.”

Parent of 15 year old son, 2023

“River Stones was the only facility that went above and beyond to help our son.”


“The team at River Stones was professional, kind and attentive. We were from several states away and they made the experience feel close and personal despite the distance. We are very appreciative of the team at River Stones”


“We came here with little to no hope and we finally have hope! Thank you for giving that to us”

Parent of 12 year old, 2022

“There is a radical change in my son and River Stones is a great place to start rebuilding our family.”

Parent of 14 year old, 2022

“The kindness, compassion and researched based therapies provided by River Stones is invaluable. Every aspect of the time our son has been there has been impactful. We are forever grateful for our son’s time there”

Parent of 13 year old, 2022

“River Stones is the best home for boys who are traumatized or have emotional needs. You gave my son the best care. He is ready for a new beginning. I am very grateful for all you did for me son. God Bless you all!”

Parent, 2022

“The staff was thorough in explaining what to expect from my child and it was completely accurate. I felt that my son was safe and I’m thankful that I trusted the staff and did not listen to my child to remove him from the facility. It feels like I’m taking my loving son back home and I’m able to understand him much more after two months of this program.”

Parent, 2022

“River Stones has been a wonderful experience for my son and our family. The staff was caring and knowledgeable. Cheryle is an amazing therapist. My son was happy during his stay.”

Parent, 2022

“River Stones has brought our family back together. I would definitely recommend River Stones for anyone needing help with their son.”

Parent, 2022

“If you want a tailored approach in a familial setting, with total commitment, River Stones is the place for you and your child”

Parent, 2022

“He is a difficult child, but my son is back”

Parent, 2022

“Genuinely caring and professional”

Mother of 14 year old, 2022

“My son is a difficult child. My boy is back!”

Mother of 17 year old, 2022

“When our son arrived at River Stones, he was hurting more than he had ever hurt before. In his previous treatment placements, he had not been “seen” in a way that understood who he is and their treatment approaches used prescribed interventions that were not landing with our kind, loving, but deeply hurting kid. River Stones’ positive psychological approach, the motivational aspects, and the focus on relational growth was exactly what his mind, body, and spirit needed. Words can’t convey how grateful we are that our son (17) has been given the help he needs to break free from the cycle he had been living. Everything occurring at River Stones, from beginning to end of day, was done therapeutically and with intentionality. River Stones whole-person, immersion philosophy gave our son a chance to become “unstuck” and gave him the opportunity to understand himself and others in a way he had not previously been able.

My husband and I are also so grateful for the opportunities we had in family therapy to ask questions, to have her share with us her expertise and wisdom, and to hear how our was integrating what he was learning. She was so patient with our questions and actively listened to us anytime we were working out our thoughts. Additionally, your videos for parents were so valuable. Many businesses, churches, non-profits, etc. lay out their philosophy for people but it is so rare when a philosophy is conveyed so clearly and executed so wonderfully.

When I spoke with you on the phone the night our son was being sent to the hospital it was the most concerned and helpless I have ever felt as a parent. I will never forget your kindness to me and your willingness to help our family, whom you had never even met. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!!”

Father of 17 year old, 2022

“Our experience was nothing short of outstanding. The team at River Stones took a personal interest in our son and treated him with as much care as if he was their own child.”

Mother of 15 year old boy, 2021

“Professional and extremely dedicated, individual care. 5-STARS! Keep up the fantastic work!”

Mother of 17 year old, 2021

“River Stones surpassed my expectations and restored our faith, hope and love when we felt like there was nothing else”

17 year old client

“My favorite part of River Stones was the staff and therapy with my psychologist and therapist”

Parent of 16 year old boy, 2021

“We appreciated being treated as part of the care team, excellent communication, solid program philosophy, friendly staff. The philosophy is mind-shifting…much more human than what is typical”

Mother of 12 year old boy, 2021

“The world needs more options such as River Stones. We had to go through a lot of other places but we are fortunate to have found this place. River Stones staff saved my son’s life”.

Mother of 13 year old boy, 2021

“Sending my son to River Stones, was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made in my life. We were at a breaking point at home, and it was very clear that something had to be done. We needed help desperately. I’m not the type of person to just sign up for something I’m not 100 percent sure of especially with my children, so I did a lot of research/ asked a lot of questions , and after speaking and meeting with Russ at the location, we knew this was the right choice. Overall, saying goodbye was the hardest part for my family. Mostly because we’ve never been apart for more than a few days at a time and we didn’t know what the outcome would be. The next few days were difficult too. Lots of hard phone conversations with many tears on both ends. I was really anxious and worried about my son. I am thankful for Luis, our Clinician/Case Manager for all the comforting texts and updates. Then suddenly, after the initial hump, things changed ! My son was in a better mood, even happy, and that is something we haven’t seen in a long time. His days were pretty full with therapy and regimen. He was enjoying it and taking pride in himself. On the weekends they did an outing a day to places like the beach, hiking, and the creek. He had the same roomie the entire time he was there, and he grew to be good friends with him. My son has nothing but good things to say about all of the counselors who worked with him throughout the day. In addition to all of the work my son was putting in, we also had weekly family therapy. The first week was hard and emotions were high, but after that it got easier and easier, and you could really notice the changes that were taking place. I have to give special recognition to our psychologist, Dr. W. He was so patient and understanding, always available, and he truly made a difference in my son’s life even for just the short time knowing us. He will always be special to me!

My son was at River Stones for a total of 21 days. It sounds like a short amount of time, but so much growth can happen if your son and family are ready and accepting of it. Now I can say with certainty, it was the best decision for us. I have zero regrets. My son has nothing but good things to say about River Stones too. He had a good experience and the eye-opening realizations have been life changing for him.

Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart to everyone at Riverstone’s! Thank you for loving my boy. I hope you know how important your role is to the world, and how much of a difference you have made in our life. “

Parent of 14 year old boy 2021

“We have seen tremendous improvements in our son’s coping skills and a HUGE increase in in his frustration tolerance. The staff worked closely with our entire family and was extremely helpful.”

Parent of 11 year old boy

“We were looking for a safe, smaller facility to help our son with his anxiety and aggressive behaviors. River Stones exceeded our expectations. The staff’s patient and persistent care was apparent from the beginning.”

Parent of 15 year old boy

“I cannot say one bad thing about this place. Making the decision to place my son into residential treatment was not an easy thing to do. The entire staff made me feel comfortable and at peace leaving my son in their hands. River Stones was able to reach “my son” on a level no one else has been able to. Their dedication and expertise with children is amazing. Even though our family has more growing and obstacles to overcome, I feel like my son has learned tools to help him succeed in the future.”

Parent of 12 year old boy

“Hands down the best family based experience we have ever had.”

River Stones graduate-17 years old

“River Stones has provided me with a truly amazing experience, allowing me to have a completely new perspective on life. With kind, supporting and nurturing staff, I was able to shift my life for the better. River Stone is a place of transformation. You will not leave the person who came. Rather you will be a stone smoothed from all the scuffs and ridges and leave more polished than when you came.”

Cameron Johnson, M.D.

“As a psychiatrist at Loma Linda University, it is wonderful to have a resource like River Stones Residential as a referral source. The care is far above any other residential service I have encountered. Russell Rice is very engaged with his residents and is always trying to improve the care and treatment at his homes. His mission is also evident in all his staff, specifically in their care and training.”

Parents of River Stones Graduate

“River Stones was there for us at a time in our lives when our son truly needed it and we were unable to provide that extra help. We are immensely grateful to River Stones for the treatment our son has experienced. Because of the attentive and caring staff, our son has received love, care, guidance and healing at River Stones. River Stones’ therapeutic outdoor experiences have created positive lifetime memories for our son as he has continued to grow and heal. River Stones has been instrumental in helping our son heal and navigate his way through life.”

Irene Ciovica, M.D.

“I had the privilege of spending over a year working at River Stones as the lead psychiatrist. I worked individually with the youth and got to know the clinical team and the staff members, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.

To describe the place and it’s philosophy in short : the unwritten and unspoken belief is that children are diamonds in the rough and teeming with potential. The staff is trained to do a lot more than just guide them and keep them safe. They are trained to really see them, be present, reflect their uniqueness and be human with them. As a result there is restoration of a sense of normalcy through structure and consistency on one hand, mixed with adventures on the other hand.

I am always recommending River Stones not only to my patients and their families, but also to my students and residents – as a unique experience to learn from.

In many ways River Stones restores my faith in the potential and the art of mental health.”

Anthony Villardo

“I think of River Stones and the staff members often. I now have a goal of having my own treatment program and making it exactly like River Stones. It was life changing for me, all because of the structure, love and support you all provided me when I needed it. For that I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to there at River Stones.”