“River Stones has provided me with a truly amazing experience, allowing me to have a completely new perspective on life. With kind, supporting and nurturing staff, I was able to shift my life for the better. River Stone is a place of transformation. You will not leave the person who came. Rather you will be a stone smoothed from all the scuffs and ridges and leave more polished than when you came.”

– 2020 River Stones graduate-17 years old

“As a psychiatrist at Loma Linda University, it is wonderful to have a resource like River Stones Residential as a referral source. The care is far above any other residential service I have encountered. Russell Rice is very engaged with his residents and is always trying to improve the care and treatment at his homes. His mission is also evident in all his staff, specifically in their care and training.”

– Cameron Johnson, M.D.

“River Stones was there for us at a time in our lives when our son truly needed it and we were unable to provide that extra help. We are immensely grateful to River Stones for the treatment our son has experienced. Because of the attentive and caring staff, our son has received love, care, guidance and healing at River Stones. River Stones’ therapeutic outdoor experiences have created positive lifetime memories for our son as he has continued to grow and heal. River Stones has been instrumental in helping our son heal and navigate his way through life.”

– Parents of River Stones Graduate

“I had the privilege of spending over a year working at River Stones as the lead psychiatrist. I worked individually with the youth and got to know the clinical team and the staff members, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my career.

To describe the place and it’s philosophy in short : the unwritten and unspoken belief is that children are diamonds in the rough and teeming with potential. The staff is trained to do a lot more than just guide them and keep them safe. They are trained to really see them, be present, reflect their uniqueness and be human with them. As a result there is restoration of a sense of normalcy through structure and consistency on one hand, mixed with adventures on the other hand.

I am always recommending River Stones not only to my patients and their families, but also to my students and residents – as a unique experience to learn from.

In many ways River Stones restores my faith in the potential and the art of mental health.”

– Irene Ciovica, M.D.

“I think of River Stones and the staff members often. I now have a goal of having my own treatment program and making it exactly like River Stones. It was life changing for me, all because of the structure, love and support you all provided me when I needed it. For that I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to there at River Stones.”

– Anthony Villardo