Treatment is a delicate blend of comfort, learning, self-examination, therapeutic activities, exercise and fun. During your son’s time at River Stones, we will use innovative and time-tested treatments described in detail here in a structured, loving, caring and nurturing environment…and they will have fun! Fun gets the endorphins flowing and motivates the youth to stay engaged in the process. Fun also gets the brain in the right states to do the inner work they need to heal… so we have plenty of it! Some kids describe River Stones as “camp but where you learn a lot about yourself”.

A typical day of treatment will be a combination of exercise, yoga/mindful meditation, group therapy on various topics, workshops, therapeutic journaling, eating healthy, nutritious food and experiential therapies which, may include activities like:

  • Hiking in the local mountains
  • Climbing walls
  • Trampoline parks
  • Ropes courses
  • Virtual reality adventures
  • Fitness training
  • Sports
  • Drumming


Your role in the treatment of your child is key to his growth and success. River Stones does not just treat your child, we treat the family system. You will have your own work to do as your son is doing his work. We have a limited amount of time to cover a lot of ground and maximize our time together. You will be asked to watch educational videos by our Founder and CEO, Russell Rice, that will help you understand your child, how best to motivate him, respond to his challenging behaviors, and you will have the opportunity to process the content of these videos with a clinician. Mr. Rice has presented similar content to parents and clinicians across the country and internationally. We think you will find very helpful information that you can discuss with your clinician or Russell himself.

Family therapy is also a big component that is pivotal to helping you and your family grow and heal. Your commitment and availability to schedule these sessions are extremely important. Our clinicians are top notch, carefully selected and highly trained to help you and your family heal and make the needed changes.