River Stones treatment approach and techniques are rooted in the latest cutting edge research in neuroscience, change theory and adolescent development while leaning heavily on time tested and evidence based practices. We are ruthlessly committed to exploring how the adolescent mind works and the specific variables it takes, in the right environment, in order to flourish and attain their potential.

River Stones doesn’t just depend on our two decades of experience treating adolescents, we are rooted in a growth mindset, constantly exploring and listening to our kids stories and narratives so that we can help them develop healthier ways of thinking that lead to better feelings and behaviors.

River Stones is innovative. We have crafted interventions that have been formally tested and published in industry journals for their positive effects on teens to help increase their ability to attach. We keep up on the most current research in neuroscience to better understand the brain, how to modify brain states, maximize its functioning, extinguish self-limiting beliefs and create a new sense of self.

In addition, our CEO has lectured and trained internationally on the science of happiness, helping people and organizations understand how to create cognitive habits that are the foundational roots of the good and satisfied life. That science is fused into River Stones treatment program from top to bottom. All of our staff are trained and practice these techniques to create a more positive work environment and to increase effectiveness in working with the youth.

All of this adds up to doing our very best to help your child become a healthier version of himself and to get families back to enjoying each other.