The youth’s experience in our program is very important to us. Nearly all of the youth state that River Stones is the “best group home” they have experienced. This is relevant because it indicates they feel genuinely cared for, have good relationships with the staff and it provides motivation to grow in order to stay. We regularly ask the youths’ feedback with regard to the program and evaluating the staff. The result is feeling heard and a sense of belonging.

As an emancipated Foster Youth, I found there is no other home comparable to River Stones. It’s a rare Group Home that turns teenagers into strong young men. Fortunately, I lived there for about 5 years lucky to live the most interesting experiences such as vacationing in Washington D.C., Maryland and all across the Pacific Ocean to Oahu, Hawaii. (Not many families get to vacation like this, and no other group home that I’ve learned of is capable of doing such great things).

The best part about this establishment was that it made me and my brothers get close, just like a family in any home. I consider it a blessing in disguise, because it fits in the community, and if driving by, you wouldn’t even guess about the miracles and happenings that take place there. It’s home away from home. Now at three years after emancipating from Russ’s program; I still feel like he is a father to me. It’s privilege to live there… I owe a lot to River Stones for I grew up with & around role models with much wisdom, which many families in this country need more of.


River Stones is a unique group home program for teenage boys with emotional and behavioral problems, and I consider it to be a model for small group homes across California.


I think your model is the best group home for often difficult teen boys and I brag about River Stones a lot and how well my boys have done with you especially. You don’t give up easily on these kids and that is what they need, to feel that they have a safe and caring home and staff. My only wish is to have more outstanding programs like yours.